Please take a look at the results of our Parent Survey 2018 to find out what our parents and carers think about The Wilmslow Academy. 

Parent Survey comments

"The staff are both caring and welcoming and my child is always happy to go, what more could we ask for"

"Fantastic teacher - Harry has come so far in such a small space of time"

" We are very happy with the care and education Dominic receives at the Wilmslow Academy"

"Since Alfie started at The Wilmslow Academy he's gone from strength to strength learning, developing, socialising to enable him to be happy and learn."

                                       Ms Beech


Alfie has been encouraged but not pressured to do well.

                                   Mrs Turnbull

What do you like most about our school?

"Teachers: they taught us a lot of things and were kind as well"                                                                                                                          Kaede

"The variety of clubs after school"                                                 


"The teachers/staff and the opportunities"                     


What are the top reasons why someone should choose our school?

"Because you do fun help us a lot (to choose) the things to do or the bad things not to do"                                                       Nhuea 

"Great staff - everyone involved from teachers to maintenance. Great building - lots of room and amazing playground space. Happy children"

                                                                                                 Mrs Turnbull

"Great support for students whose native language is not English"

                                                                                                  Mrs Goto

I have made amazing friends and had opportunities like going to Paris. I have enjoyed each year as much as everyone.