Welcome to Class 8 - Mrs. Gough and Mrs.Kralj
Welcome back to school everyone! We hope you've had a lovely half term holiday. This half term we will be focusing on writing and following instructions.




In English we will look at the features of instructional texts and then learn how to write our own set of instructions. We will learn how to set them out, sequence steps correctly and use imperative verbs. Later on in the term we will look at the features of biographies. We will research the life of Dr. Barnardo who changed the lives of many children in the Victorian period and then write a biography about him.



 In Maths we will be representing numbers in a range of different ways. We will be adding and subtracting across the 100 boundary using the partitioning method, the number line and visual representations. We will use a range of different questions including missing number problems and word problems.


We will then move onto multiplication of single digit numbers. We will look at visual and written methods.



In Science we will be learning about light. We will be investigating how we require light to be able to see things and that darkness is an absence of light. Then we will recognise that a shadow is formed when the light source has been blocked.

This will involve practical investigations and experiments.

Humanities -History

In History this term we will be learning about where the Victorians would be placed on a timeline in relation to what the children already know.  We will learn how the children lifestyle from rich and poor backgrounds differed, schooling, the workhouse and Christmas traditions introduced by the Victorians.     




We will have indoor and outdoor PE this half term. Please remember to bring your PE kit.


We will send homework home on a Friday. The children will have a new spelling list and a maths activity each week. They will also have grammar and comprehension homework on alternate weeks. Please ensure their completed homework is returned for marking by the following Wednesday. Our weekly spelling test will also be on Wednesday.


Please encourage your child to read everyday and make a note in their reading diary.


Try and make time to read to your child

Be a role model

Use rhymes, songs and games

Visit the library

Make the focus...FUN!

Thank you and please feel free to come into school at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns,

Mrs. Gough and Mrs. Kralj


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