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Welcome to Class 11

Miss Needham



In English this half term, we will be learning how to write formal  letters; examining the key grammatical features of persuasive texts; researching information from a range of secondary sources; and writing our own adventure narrative. 


In maths we will be focusing on number and place value. We will read, write, order and compare numbers to at least 1 000 000 and determine the value of each digit. We will move on to interpret negative numbers in context, count forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers, including through zero.


Our science topic will be 'animals, including humans'. We will discuss the life cycle of a human and a range of other animals. We will look at the changes that human beings experience as they develop to old age.


In geography we will focus on 'What makes a country appealing to live in?' whereby we will  compare the United Kingdom and Brazil.

 Design and Technology

In design and technology we will look at the diverse range of food available around the world with a focus on Brazil. 


In music we will begin to have our wind instrument tuition on Wednesday afternoons.


In outdoor PE we will be focusing on invasion games (hockey) and we will be swimming every Monday afternoon at the Wilmslow Leisure Centre. Please remember your swimming kit and towel.  

 Please find curriculum map here


Every week, you will be given homework to complete:

Reading comprehensions and SPAG exercises are due in on Thursdays.

Spellings will be tested on Fridays.

Maths is due in on Thursdays.

In addition, all children will be expected to bring their signed reading record to school every day.
If you have difficulty completing any of your homework, please ask for help before it is due in!