Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Dene 

School closure and Home learning 

Please log on to TEAMS for class work from now on!


Please remember that Mrs Dene and Miss Scappaticci can still be contacted via email if you need any assistance with home learning during the lockdown.



Welcome to Spring Term.


I can't believe how fast the autumn term went and the we are in the year 2021. I am feeling very old! ;)


I hope that everyone has has a wonderful winter break.


Thank you to everyone for the reading, key words and homework that you have been doing at home.


We have a lot planned for this half term.


Please see the curriculum map attached for information on what your child will be learning.


spring 1 2021 curriculum map


Your child's well being and education is of the utmost importance to me. I believe that the relationship between parent and teacher is as important as the relationship between a teacher and a child. 

I have always had an open door policy for communications with the parents of the children that I teach - If there is ever anything that you would like to discuss with me, please approach me at the end of the school day or email me on the address below!



Please check on our class page weekly for updates


Useful information

Our School day


I have attached a copy of the Year 1 lesson timetable so that you can see how your child's say is structured.

In the Autumn term, we aim to have at least 2 practical maths lessons that enables your child to learn through play.

Your child will be put into a phonics group based on their next steps and they will have a daily phonics session.

I have also provided a link to the Year 1 overview and the Autumn 2 curriculum map.

Timetable for website YEAR 1.doc

Year 1 Year Overview 2020-21

2020 Curriculum Map Autumn 2.



Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be back in school by Wednesday.

The children will have maths, phonics and spelling homework.

Spelling tests are done on a FRIDAY.

We do not set homework during the school holidays.




P.E. will be on a MONDAY and a THURSDAY for this half term.     

Please ensure that your child COMES INTO SCHOOL IN THEIR PE kit on this day!!

We will be doing as much of our P.E outdoors this half term, so please ensure that your child has the appropriate P.E kit!!



Your child will have a reading book and a key word folder.

PLEASE keep these in their book bags as they will be needed on a daily basis

It is really important that you hear your child read regularly at home as this has a big impact on their progress

When you have heard your child read, please sign in their green reading record.

If your child forgets to change their reading book, or you would like to read more at home, please see the oxford owl links below


Click on my class login (at the top of the page)

It will then ask for a username and password

username = wayear1                  password = password1

On the left - it gives you a link to My Bookshelf

This will give you a bank of ebooks - you are welcome to read any of the ebooks



Home Learning



Please log on on to  TEAMS  for all the class work from now on. If you have any problems please contact Miss Scappaticci or Mrs Dene on the email addresses provided.