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Welcome to Year 1 with Mrs Williams 


Our Year One Classroom has a caring and nurturing environment where the children can flourish, succeed and build up their independence as they make the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage. The children will have opportunities to build on those fundamental skills through enquiry, exploration and use of their imagination.



In English,  we will continue to share lots of stories. We will use these stories as the basis to learn about descriptive writing. We will also be revisiting nouns, adjectives as well as introducing the children to verbs. We will be continuing to promote that sounding out words to help with spelling, as well as using capital letters and full stops. The children will also learn when to use question marks and exclamation marks in this half term. We will encourage the children to come up with their own ideas for writing as well as sharing their ideas with their friends. We will also be looking at postcards and celebrating World Book Day.



In Maths, we will learn new strategies that will help them add and subtract within 10 before continuing with our place value learning. The children will continue learning about part, part whole, as well as exploring how the addends in an equation can be represented in any order. As well as this, we will be looking at first, then and now stories with addition and subtraction.


In Phonics, we will continue to use Little Wandle, as well as having our guided reading sessions. 



Your child will be read with three times a week. They will focus on decoding, prosody and comprehension. Your child's reading book is matched appropriately to their phonics level. 

Please aim to read with your child three times a week. This will support fluency, comprehension and expression. 


In Handwriting, we will continue to look at the correct formation of our letters and numbers. In these sessions, we will also be encouraging our hand muscles to work and get stronger by doing some fun finer motor activities.  


Our PE day is on a Monday and we will be outside for this half term. Please send your child in with their PE kit on this day with appropriate clothing for the weather. We will be getting changed in school, to support the children's independence with dressing. 


Please see our Spring Two Curriculum Map, this has all the information about what we will be learning.   



Spring Two Curriculum Map    


Your child's wellbeing and education is of the utmost importance to me. I believe that the relationship between parent and teacher is as important as the relationship between a teacher and a child. 


I have always had an open door policy for communications with the parents of the children that I teach - If there is ever anything that you would like to discuss with me, please approach me at the end of the school day or email me on the address below.





Please check on our class page weekly for updates

Please see the link for all Year One Information. 

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Click on the link below for information regarding Little Wandle.

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