School Uniform

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At The Wilmslow Academy we feel that school uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of 'belonging' to the school. All clothing should be clearly marked with the child's name.

  • Uniform:
  • grey skirt/pinafore dress or grey trousers/shorts
  • red cardigan/sweatshirt/sweater
  • white blouse/shirt or red/white polo shirt
  • in Summer red gingham or striped dresses can be worn
  • white/red/grey/black socks or tights
  • black/brown school shoes or boots in winter

We have a policy on the wearing of earrings and advise you that only studs are allowed. Children must remove them for PE, unless it is during the period when they have just had their ears pierced. Please note that jewellery, nail varnish and false nails are not allowed.Hair accessories are allowed in the following colours; red, grey, white or black. Extreme hairstyles are not allowed, this includes shaving or cutting designs/patterns into the hair.

Also the children will need:

  • P.E.shorts, T shirt and gym shoes/trainers (P.E. shirts are worn in the colour of the house each child belongs to). In colder weather children are welcome to bring sweatshirts/hoodies,jogging bottoms/leggings. These do not need to be in school uniform or house colours. 
  • a large 'old' shirt for art work
Item Cost Sizes Available Colour
Sweatshirt £11 26", 28", 30-32", 34", small adult red
Cardigan £12 26", 28", 30-32", 34", small adult, medium adult red
Book Bag £6 One size

red - Key stage 1

Black - Key Stage 2

PE t-shirt £6 Age 5-6, age 7-8, age 9-10, age 11-12 red, yellow, blue, green

 The above items all have school logos and can be bought at the school office or you can also order direct from our supplier click HERE to view their website. Other items are generic and can be bought at any shop which sells school uniform.


Free Uniform voucher - Although all Infants are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) many families of junior children are often entitled to Free School Meals but are unaware that they are or even how to claim.

Please phone 0300 1235012 to check eligibility. If you are eligible for Income Related Free School Meals, please let the office know and they will arrange a uniform voucher for you.

Those children eligible for Income Related free school meals are also entitled to a Uniform voucher from The Wilmslow Academy whereby they can have 2 sweatshirts/cardigans, 1 PE T-shirt and a book bag for free.The voucher is for Infants or Juniors.