Mr Hughes and Miss Lawton

Please send your photos of lockdown learning to Mrs Lawton or Mr Hughes so they can be added to the slideshow!

Can you believe it is is the last week of term?!

We have really enjoyed receiving your e-mails and hearing your lockdown stories.

Thank you, parents, for your support and all the generous presents we received last week.


Today we are adding activities for Monday and Tuesday that focus on what we have learnt and experienced this year.

This page will not be updated over the holidays, but there are links to resources below on this page and also on the home learning page of the school website if you would like to continue studying over the summer:



Please find our e-mail addresses below: 




Please keep safe and give your families lots of hugs!



 Loom videos for week commencing 19-6-2020 if you would like to rewatch them:

Maths: https://www.loom.com/share/d4b9a84701854aff9f40f4515c669e3a

English: https://www.loom.com/share/bf22c4b4555f42179b49e988ae280180

Loom videos for week commencing 6-7-20 if you would like to rewatch them:

Maths: https://www.loom.com/share/8f060a8187fb4c279ef162f0ce1a2a0c

English: https://www.loom.com/share/adf1450649f64de78feec7fe9ff12409

History diary writing: https://www.loom.com/share/ffc69704809b42299d995a886d85f5d9

Loom videos for week commencing 13-7-20 if you would like to rewatch them: 

Maths: https://www.loom.com/share/0105ee19e6814d8c9e454ccd50459c20 

English: https://www.loom.com/share/4579af37e3934beb9ee44bea12a10dfd

MONDAY 20-7-20

Maths  English  Comprehension Spelling

Create a poster about something you have learnt in maths during lockdown that you found challenging.

What help or advice would you give someone looking at this topic for the first time?


Here are the criteria for your poster:


Relevant and helpful

Legible from 2 metres away

High quality product

Write a page about your time in Year 4 and e-mail it to us at the addresses above.

What was your favourite subject and why?

What was your favourite book and why?

(This could be a book you read or a book that was read to you.)

Who were your friends?

What made you laugh?

What are you most proud of?

What is your favourite memory?

Use today's and tomorrow's comprehension session to complete this assessment:

Answer booklet

Mark scheme

Reading booklet



This CROSSWORD tests you on some of the words you have learnt this year.

How many can you remember?



TUESDAY 21-7-20

Maths English Comprehensions Spelling 

Prepare a short presentation to describe the maths you have learnt about during lockdown. What did you learn?

What did you find easy or difficult?

Who helped you with your learning?


Here are the criteria for your presentation:

No longer than 1 minute

Confident body language



Write a letter to your Year 5 teacher, Miss Wood or Miss Needham, and e-mail it to them at bwood@thewilmslowacademy.co.uk



Tell them what you like and dislike, who you live with, what pets you have or what pets you want to have, who your friends are, what you want to be when you are older and what you are worried about or looking forward to in Year 5.

Finish the comprehension assessment you started yesterday.

Write a paragraph - maybe a short story - that includes all the spellings from yesterday's crossword.

Can you include any other words you have been given to learn during lockdown?









Further Home Learning Ideas


Listen to author David Walliams read one of his stories each day by following this link and selecting the icon 'Elevenses with David Walliams' https://www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/ 

Please read for pleasure as often as you can and remember to tweet @TheWilmAcad to let everybody know what you are enjoying reading at the moment. Check out our recommended reading (above) for inspiration.

You can also access many ebooks using the link below. 


On the home page, click My Class Login and use the login details below. 

Username: TheWilmAcadYear4

Password: TheWilmAcadY4

When you have logged in, click on my bookshelf and then you can choose from a range of ages and series.



For additional maths practice, remember to login to MyMaths using the link below. E-mail Miss Lawton or Mr Hughes if you have forgotten your individual login details.


ISeeMaths are holding daily online maths lessons via YouTube with some of our favourite resources! Have a look at the link below! 


This site contains lesson videos for all ages: https://www.ncetm.org.uk/resources/54454



While school is closed, why not try some geocaching? See the link below for more information:




While school is closed, why not do some research into Ancient Greeks?

See the link below for more information:


Why don't you hold an Ancient Greek day at your home?

Dress, eat and indulge yourself in the Ancient Greeks! You could even hold a mini-Olympics in your garden!


This half term, we are exploring living things and their habitats.

Chester Zoo has launched some super activities:


BBC Bitesize have launched some brilliant resources for all subjects - this will include a new TV channel, podcasts, videos, and lessons each day online.

(Miss Lawton especially loves the David Attenborough lessons!)


Why don't you try conducting your own investigations at home? 



This half term in French we will be focusing on describing things.

LightBulb languages is filled with brilliant resources to help you at home! See link below:


Have a look at the BBC bitesize resource for further learning!




This term, we were focusing on word processing.

To practice word processing from home, visit the website below:


 Have a go at the activities linked below


Concepts: Algorithms

Overview: Children will make up a dance routine and create the instructions for a partner to follow

Activity Instructions.pdf

Supporting Worksheets.pdf


Concepts: Programming, Debugging, Algorithms

 Overview: Children programme their homemade bee to move towards flowers by creating a short sequence of instructions (an algorithm).

Activity Instructions.pdf

Supporting Worksheets.pdf


Concepts: Programming, Debugging, Algorithms
 Overview: Computing in the kitchen? Children will love making their own pizzas while learning to create and debug (fix) the recipe.

Activity Instructions.pdf

Supporting Worksheets.pdf



Do you want to try some yoga from home? Why not visit Cosmic Yoga? Click the link below:




First, watch this clip about The Vegetable Orchestra in Vienna:


Why not have a go at making your own vegetable instruments?

(Remember to ask an adult to help you with any tricky cutting.)

Maybe you could accompany your favourite songs? We would love to see any pictures or videos of you playing. Perhaps you could even create your own vegetable orchestra with other people in your house?


Happy learning!