Mrs Gough and Mrs Spendlow

Summer term (1) 2019

Our new topic is-AROUND THE WORLD

Our topic will have a geography theme this half term. We will be looking at the Earth and travelling across the seven continents comparing the habitats and lifestyles of the inhabitants. We will be looking at how to use atlases and maps, including coordinates and compass points. Children will describe, compare and contrast different places around the world and develop their knowledge of countries and capital cities. The children will produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences.

In English we will be looking at different poetry genres and poems from around the world. The children will be learning about the different features of  poems and will be writing and performing their own poems. We will be looking at using imagery and personification in our poetry writing. 

In maths we will be continuing with decimals which will lead into solving problems using money. Additionally we will be recapping the four basic mathematical operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

Science will be all about working scientifically: questioning, predicting, gathering information, planning fair tests, reporting and drawing conclusions. We have planned some fun experiments and investigations to deliver this!


Importantly, this half term is also 'test' term! The children will undertake some tests in reading, writing and maths, plus an additional times table test.Please help your child to learn their tables at home.


Monday for indoor P.E and Friday for outdoor P.E. Please make sure your child has appropriate kit, including trainers, in school at all times.It would be safer that children who have long hair tie their up on these days and if they wear earrings then these are removed if possible. Thank you


To develop into fluent, confident readers it is important for children to read at home with their parents. They could read their reading book, a library book, the newspaper or a magazine - it is all good practice! Please listen to your child read as often as possible, talk to them about what they have read and sign their reading diary as a record of what they have done at home.  

 All homework is handed out on a Friday and should be returned by Wednesday at at the latest. 

For information on all the other subjects please see our curriculum map below.