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Welcome to Class 7 with Mr D'Souza




In Maths this half term we will be learning about adding and subtracting fractions that have the same denominator. Then the children will moving onto the geometry where they will initially focus on angles, clockwise and anti-clockwise turns. Lastly the children will be drawing polygons by joining marked points and then identifying parallel and perpendicular sides. 





In English this half term we will be looking at Traditional Tales, creating our own stories with a twist on the original version. We will then be focusing on writing newspaper reports, paying particular attention to the format and language involved in this. Within these units we will also be looking at fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and the present perfect tense. 






Outdoor PE The children will be practising their dance for their School Games performance.   

Indoor PE This term the children will be practising their, ‘Into the Wild’ dance ready for the school’s summer performance.





In computing this term we will be learning about designing, planning and creating an online survey about school using Google Forms. The surveys will then be completed by other members of their class. The children will then use bar charts and pie charts to analyse the data from their survey. Lastly the children will evaluate the data which they have collected and then present their results to the rest of the class. 






In french this term the children will continuing to learn about different pets which people can have. Then the children will begin to look at the differences between singular and plural nouns.





In music this term the children will be learning how to play the recorder with Mrs Shoesmith. 





In RE this half term we will learn about Christianity and the important events which shaped Jesus Christ’s life. 





 In DT this half term the children will be designing and making their own toy which uses a cam mechanism. The cam mechanism will then help the children to be able to move a part of the toy.  






In Science this half term we will be looking at magnets and forces. We will be identifying the different forces acting on different objects, investigating the effects of friction on different surfaces by carrying out an experiment to see how friction affects the speed of cars. Using magnets to identify and investigate magnetic and non-magnetic materials and explore magnetic poles.  





In Geography this half term we will explore the question “Where is the best place to build a campsite?” We will learn about what amenities and locations are ideal for a campsite and will also learn about map reading and how to read four figure grid references on a map. 




Curriculum map for Summer 2

Please click on the link to find out more information about the subjects we will be looking at this term.




We send out all homework on a Friday. The children will have a new spelling list, a Maths worksheet and either a comprehension or a piece grammar homework. Please ensure the completed homework is returned for marking by the following Wednesday



 The Oxford Reading Tree online library is still available with a wide selection of graded books. It can be found at www.oxfordowl.co.uk 

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