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Useful Websites and resources to help learning.

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See also the educational websites listed in the community tab at the top of the page.



Here are some website to support your child's learning at home.

  • Please note that we are not responsible for the content.                                             
  • Please ensure that your child uses the internet safely.

Useful Links to ensure your child stays safe online:

Woodlands Junior school in Kent has a fantastic website which supports learning across the curriculum:


 Many children's authors have websites. Here is a taster of a wide selection available online:





There are many websites and apps to support your child's maths learning. Here is a just a taster:

Websites . . .

Sums.co.uk - brilliant for practising calculation methods and includes step by step guidance for successful completion!

BBC Schools - A range of fun and interaction activities from Early Years to Key Stage 2 (this includes a link to the 'Bitesize' website)

ICT Games - A selection of fun games more suited to Early Years and Key Stage 1

Apps . . .

Targetting Maths - Apps providing activities covering the full range of both year groups and Big Ideas

Maths Splat! - Fun Maths app for fluent and accurate recall of number facts in all four operations 

King of Maths - Fun app for developing fluency across the Big Ideas which challenges players to move from peasants to Kings!


ICT websites to support programming:

https://scratch.mit.edu/  used for years 3 and 4

http://www.kodugamelab.com/ for years 5 and 6

https://www.python.org/ for years 5 and 6





Sports Clubs
In addition to the wide range of clubs available in school, there are plenty of sports available at the local leisure centre in Wilmslow.
See their website for details http://everybody.org.uk/centres/wlc/
Those interested in other sports such as basketball may wish to visit the Reddish Ball Hall Basketball centre which is based at Reddish Vale Technology Academy in Stockport. See their website for more information.  http://www.sportforallcentres.co.uk/
BBC Super Movers also provides good ideas on how to keep children active whilst learning aspects of the national curriculum
Holiday Clubs
In addition to  our school childcare provider,Strictly for Kids, there are a number of holiday clubs available locally:
Some of our extra-curricular providers also offer holiday clubs. Please speak to the providers directly for more information.
It's also worth having a look at what's on in the local library over the holidays. Please see their website for more information http://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/libraries/nearest_library/handforth_library.aspx
Scitech is a holiday school which promotes practical science and technology to children of all ages. It was established in 1991 by Philip Rose BSc. (Hons) MBCS who has been involved in a number of children's science programmes and the National Science Museum in London. Please visit their website for more information.   http://www.scitech.co.uk/index.html