Handforth Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 2LX

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The Wilmslow Academy

Meet the Staff


Mrs C Clowes

Class 1- Miss L Baggs

Design and Technology Lead

Class 3 - Miss R Margerson

RE subject lead

PSHE and SRE lead

Class 7- Miss N Scappaticci

 MFL lead

Educational visits leader

Class 10 - Mr A Hughes

Science Lead

Class 13-Mrs C Johnson

Geography Lead

Y4, Y5, and Y6 phase lead


Mrs P Tapp

 Head of School

Maths Subject Leader

Mrs J White

Class 2 - Miss K Bateman

Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1 Lead

Little Wandle Phonics Lead

Well-being Leader

Assistant Principal


Ms H Wright 

Art and Design Subject Leader

Class 5 - Mrs K Church

Year 2, and 3  phase lead

Science subject leader

Little Wandle Phonics Lead

Assistant Principal

Class 8

Mrs S Seddon 

English Lead


Miss G Wright

PE lead

Class 11- Miss C Howarth

PE lead

Mrs S Davies


Class 4 - Mrs M Williams

Computing Lead

Class 6 - Mrs C Shoesmith

Music Lead

Class 9 - Mrs D Dene

Maths Lead

 Class 12 - Miss B Wood

History Lead

Class 14- Miss P Lawton

English  lead


Mrs C Clowes - Principal

Mrs J White - Head of School


Teaching Staff

Class 1   Rec  Miss L Baggs

Class 2   Rec Miss K Bateman, Assistant Principal, and Ms H Wright

Class 3   Y1   Miss R Margerson

Class 4   Y1   Mrs M Williams

Class 5   Y2   Mrs K Church, Assistant Principal

Class 6   Y2   Mrs C Shoesmith

Class 7   Y3   Miss N Scappaticci

Class 8   Y3   Mrs A Seddon and Miss G Wright

Class 9   Y4   Mrs D Dene    

Class 10  Y4   Mr A Hughes

Class 11   Y5   Miss C Howarth

Class 12   Y5  Miss B Wood

Class 13  Y6   Mrs C Johnson and Mrs P Tapp

Class 14  Y6  Miss P Lawton


SENCO Mrs S Davies


 Support Staff

Miss N Jackson- Child Centred Support Officer

Ms C Booth - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Koido - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Higham - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Begum - HLTA

Mrs P Tapp - HLTA

Miss T Powell- Teaching Assistant

Mrs I Picart- Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Bardsley- Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Khan- Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Hamey- HLTA/ MELSA

Ms N Morris- Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Wood- Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Warters- Teaching Assistant

Miss K Lewis - Nurture Lead

Miss N Reid - Teaching Assistant

Miss A Christie - Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Shaw- Welfare Assistant

Office Staff

Mrs L Taylor/Mrs B Khanna- Office Manager 

Mrs H Wells - Administration Officer

Mrs K Ryder - Administration Officer

Miss S Egeli - Bursar



Maintenance Staff

Mr B Toole - Maintenance Officer

Mrs A McKie - Maintenance staff

Mrs M Walker - Maintenance staff

Mr J McCarthy - Maintenance staff


Kitchen Staff

Mrs A McDonald – Supervisor

Mrs L Chowdhuri – Assistant cook

Mrs F Mahmood - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Cheema-Kitchen Assistant

Mrs A Chau - Kitchen Assistant


Mid-day Staff

Miss A Aldcroft

Ms M Walker

Mrs A Wilkinson       

Miss R Allen-Ratcliffe     

Mrs N Morris         

Ms L Buckley 

Mr D Wong


Strictly 4 Kids

Vicky Fitzgerald

Nicky Morris

Sam Bagnall

Lauren Buckley