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Holiday in Term Time

Holidays and Attendance - advice and information about attendance and taking your children out of school during term time.

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Removing children from school for a holiday- download this document to find out about recent changes.


As parents you have a legal duty to ensure that your children attend school on a regular basis. The Education Act 1996 makes it a criminal offence for a parent to “fail to secure their child’s regular attendance at the school”. The recent amendments to the 2006 Regulations remove any reference to family holidays, extended leave and the statutory threshold of ten school days. The amendments also make it very clear that Principals may not grant any leave of absence (holiday) during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. The amendments give parents no entitlement to take their child out of school for a holiday in term time and require the Principal and Governing Board to determine what the exceptional circumstances are. The decision will be made by me, the Principal, and/or Governor. We will use my/our discretion to consider each request individually.

If you feel there are exceptional circumstances:

  • You must clearly state in your correspondence to me what you feel the exceptional circumstance is that requires the leave of absence being taken in term time.
  • On receipt of the request, you will be sent a response indicating whether the school is able to authorise the leave of absence or not.

If parents, contrary to what the school has said, still decide to take their child out of school for a leave of absence then the absence will be coded as unauthorised. This will lead to the school referring the matter to the Local Authority requesting a Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued.

Penalties for unauthorised absence

 Timeline One Child   Two children

 Paid within 21 days

 £60 per parent  £60 per child = £120 per parent 
 After 21 days and before 28 days  £120 per parent  £120 per child + £240 per parent
After 28 days You will receive a summons to appear before the Magistrates' Court on the grounds you have failed to secure your child's regular attendance.


I know that some parents/carers will find these measures severe but we believe that regular and high attendance is in every pupil’s best interests and helps to maximise their achievements and enjoyment of school. This letter reflects accurately the current legislation and, as a school, we have a duty to point this out to parents/carers

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Charlotte Clowes