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Welcome to Class 5

A class of inspirational Year 2 children who work well as a team!


A note from the Year 2 team to our wonderful children:

We are so sad that the term came to such an abrupt end. We will miss seeing your faces every day and listening to your stories. However, we are only an email away and we really would be delighted to hear from you - whether it's for help/advice with an activity you are doing at home or just to say hello!

Please keep safe inside your houses and give your families lots of hugs!

A note from the Year 2 team to our wonderful parents:

We will be adding work for Class 5 AND Class 6 to this page on a weekly basis. This work won't be marked when the children return to school. We know children will be feeling very anxious at the moment with all the uncertainty. Please do as much or as little as you feel capable of with your child. The most important thing is that all children get plenty of family time and complete activities which help your child cope with what is happening. We really don't want any tears from children or create any anxiety to them. Please don't hesitate to email for any advice you may need.



Many of our children love books and thoroughly enjoy Reading For Pleasure. Let them enjoy reading books, curled up with a hot chocolate and their favourite teddy.

We have added the Year 2 common exception words so that they can practise spelling. They could maybe write letters to their friends (or us!) or write a story. Year 2 Common Exception Word Booklet

Week beginning 30/3/2020, this week we are looking at alien poems! In Year 2, we love the book series '___ Love Underpants!' by the author Claire Freedman. Here is a link to some of her books on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=claire+freedman+love+underpants

We would LOVE to see your finished poems at the end of the week. Please email or tweet us so that we can see your wonderful work.

Monday - Aliens Stole My Underpants poem.docx

Monday - describing objects for aliens.docx

Tuesday - My step dad is an alien poem.doc

Tuesday - Design-an-Alien-Activity-Sheet.pdf

Tuesday - Describing aliens.docx

Wednesday - Designing and describing an alien.docx

Thursday -Numbers-1-10-Wordsearch_ver_2.pdf

Thursday - Alien poem

Friday -the-best-dress-ever-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity.pdf

 Week beginning 23/3/2020, we are looking at Jack and the Beanstalk. We have attached an e-book for the children to read, but if you have this book at home, read that too! We also love to watch stories on Youtube and there are lots for this story! The more stories they read/watch, the better their vocabulary!

Monday - Character description

Jack and the Beanstalk ebook

Tuesday - Jack and the Beanstalk reading comprehension

Wed/Thurs - Jack and the Beanstalk Playscript

Friday - Jack and the Beanstalk Writing Paper



In maths it is important that the children can tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. They do not need to know digital time so will learn o'clock, 5 past, 10 past etc. They also need to be able to know what grams and kilograms are so maybe do some baking (if you can get any ingredients!!)

Work for the week beginning 30.3.2019 - We are now looking at 3d shapes. Maybe the children could go on a hunt for different 3d shapes in the house? We will be looking at spheres, (football) cylinders, (tin of beans if you're lucky enough to have some!), cuboids (breakfast cereal boxes), cubes (toy boxes), cones (a good excuse for ice cream!), square based pyramids (see what you can find!). What could they build with these items. Can they find out which ones stack, roll and slide. Underneath are the worksheets we would have used.

3d shape.zip

Work for the week beginning 23/3/2020 - we are continuing to look at telling the time. This time in 5 minute intervals. Keep practicing this as much as you can. Here are the worksheets we would have used:

I can find intervals of time wed.docx

Mon -telling-time-to-the-nearest-5-minutes-differentiated-lesson-teaching-pack_ver_6.zip


Tues I can tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes.docx

Thurs I can find intervals of time nearest 5 minutes.docx



Keep learning the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have given out usernames and passwords for times tables rockstars. This is a great way to learn them. We will also be putting work on mymaths which you now have the usernames and passwords for.





In science we have been looking at plants. If you have a garden you could explore the different plants in the garden and watch them grow. If you can get some cress seeds the children could plant them in different places to see how it affects their growth such as a dark cupboard, the fridge, in the sunshine. Also - keep watering your plant we sent home from school. We would love to see pictures of how they have got on!



In DT the children were going to design their own chocolate bars and wrappers. They could melt some chocolate and add things like digestive biscuits, marshmallows, nuts etc. Then come up with a name for their new bar and make a wrapper for it. The best part of course, will be eating it!



Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson on Youtube every morning at 9am https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1 This is a great way to keep the children fit and healthy!


Look at the Year 2 curriculum map below to see what we will be learning about in our other lessons this half term.

Our school day:

If you have a problem no matter how big or small please come and visit us after school and we will always be willing to help.

Don't forget- we have maths, comprehension and spellings homework which will be given out on a Friday to be handed back by the following Wednesday. Spellings will be tested on a Wednesday.

Please help your child to read at home every night. They can change their books whenever they have finished and can take a couple at a time if they are eager to do so.

In Class 5 we do PE on a Tuesday inside and a Friday outside so please make sure you have a PE kit in school, including pumps! 

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